Binance Support & Service Number – +1(844) 986-0660

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange.

The company moved its headquarters into Malta from japan after the Chinese government ban on cryptocurrency trading in September had established offices in Taiwan and japan also.

As of January 2018 it was largest crypto-exchange with a BNB market capitalization. Binance supports major cryptos and alt coins however it doesnt support cash deposit and withdrawls trade can be executed with BTC/ETH. Till now binance the company runs smoothly without any major security flaws. The CEO of binance has previously hold some top designation in major Crypto exchanges.

Binance Customer Service Number (Why you Need Binance Account)

It is growing a very fast pace and it will keep growing at this pace. Soon, it will become the biggest crypto exchange across the worldwide for trading altcoins. In comparison with other major exchanges such as Poloniex and Bittrex, many newly coins and tokens are getting listed on Binance. If you have missed some of the ICOs, then look for some of them on Binance without facing any inconvenience. For further assistance, you can contact Binance Support Phone Number hassle-free.

Binance has created its own crypto coin which is called as BNB. It is used as an optional method for making the payments of exchange’s fees which include the following: Trading fees- of buying or selling coins, listing fees,and withdrawal fees.

When you will use the BNB coins, then you will get 50% discount for the first year of your account, 25% for the second year, 12.5% for the 3rd year and 6.25 for the 4thyear of your account. BNB tokens are efficiently used for Binance Launchpad which is a way to invest in specific ICOs on Binance. These ICOs will get listed on Binance exchange past ICO. Now, it is planning to use 20% of its profit to buy back the BNB from the open market.

If the person is trying to open an account on its website and somehow he/she is not able to create a user ID, then he can contact Binance customer service number.

A half year back when bitcoin was exchanging the $2000-$3000 territory, another digital currency trade Binance was propelled; in a short space of time, it has turned into the best crypto-trade by volume. The firm was mysteriously gone on Google a half year back and now remains with exchanging volume of nearly $10 billion according to information from Coinmarketcap. Binance was established in July 2017 and has achieved an extraordinary group, checking 2.9 million clients over the stage.

Binance has recently added several cryptocurrencies in the binance exchange so that its users can trade and experience different cryptocurrencies. However listing your coin in binance is a tough task binance needs certain requirement for a coin to be added on its platform binance thinks this is essential to protect its user from fraudulent coins in the past we have seen several coins are vanished overnight and scammed people of their hard earned money which may create negative impact on the new users of cryptocurrencies. Binance customer care is strong enough to deal with these type of scams so binance customer support verifies each coin before listing it on their exchange so that its customers can trade safely it also makes the cryptocurrency community a safe place to trade store and earn coins one of the major cryptocurrency coin scam was bitconnect which has lured people into huge return on investment in their coins but later on we have seen that it was a scam it all ran away with customers money many people have lost their money in such scams. So every time binance customer helpline make sure it safeguard it customers and help the users to trade safely. Binance customer support is also hosting various crypto events in the major cities of many countries in order to create awareness among the people related to cryptocurrencies which is very useful for the newcomers in crypto industry they can learn the various aspects of blockchain, crypto community and trading on binance exchange this type of events are very new to crypto community people are taking a lot of interest and they have a very positive image of binance. Binance is building its image worldwide in the form of donations to the needed ones in one such event binance ceo has distributed solar panels to the poor countries in South Africa. Binance ceo has worked in various tech companies in his early days before launching binance. Over the time binance customer support has made its exchange very secure and user friendly for the customers. Inspite of Two factor authentication security binance website is also detecting whether any user is using vpn or if anyone changes his/her IP address or country, such measures of security has prevented and secured the customers of binance from many attacks and phishing attempts. Binance bug bounty programmes allows the tech community to find the loopholes in security of website and trading so that it can be prevented from any attacks of mishappenings.

Binance contact support number toll free number is launched. Customers can call on this number for various issues related to binance account such as 2 factor authentication not working, trade mismatch in account, trade not executed, cryptocurrency missing in account, can’t able to see his/her balance or any deposit or withdrawal related problems. Customers can also contact binance support on email and prompt support will be provided. Binance has updated a lot of security issues and fixed the bugs on its website. Binance is been on target of many hackers being worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange its the easy target of organised hackers to find security loopholes and steal the coins. A recent attack in May 2019 has occurred in which security of binance exchange is compromised and hackers has succeeded to steal $40 million. After the attack binance has closed its website for almost a week in the meantime they have fixed the issue and the cryptocurrencies which was stolen from customers account has been compensated by binance CEO. Such attacks creates fear among the traders and users to store funds on exchange in the past there are handful of incidents in which online cryptocurrency exchanges were targeted and hacked but binance customers support has been working on this issues and they are updating its security time to time to avoid such hacking incidents. Cryptocurrency community was also supporting binance to trace the hacker but the hacker remains anonymous. Binance customer support toll free number will help you in facial verification many times when user loose their 2 FA tokens our mobile phone or by any reason if a user is not able to log in to his/her binance account the customer support team of binance is always there to help its users to recover their accounts and get the funds back. However facial verification to recover your binance is not easy the customers have to verify their identity by providing their identity documents and customers have to do the live face verification in which customer cn stand in front of their computer and carry a note in which current date is written and the binance website will capture the photo of customer for verification. Binance Identity verification also helps the users for Level 2 upgrade the benefits of level 2 upgrade is the user can withdraw 100 btc within 24 hrs.

Binance Customer Support Number - +1(844) 986-0660